HOUSE – MAVINGA Malmö Dance Week


Torsdag 3 November

About Mavinga

Of Congolese origin and Liege nationality, Samantha is one of the Belgian hip hop dancers who represent Belgium at the international level. She has won numerous international competitions (House Dance Forever in Amsterdam; first woman and Belgian to have won it), Red Bull Dance Your Style Belgium, Juste Debout in Barcelona, World Of Dance in England and Italy, the Notorious IBE in Herleen, All4House in Paris etc…).

Thanks to her versatility in urban styles (House Dance, Hip Hop, Breakdance), Mavinga stands out from her generation in the underground scene. ‍

Workshop :

How to play with the timing and the rhythm to embrasse the music?

Everybody has a different feeling with the music but sometimes it is difficult to know our own position of the body and take time to just be on the beat with a very clear and smooth transition.

You will get some useful tools to work with in your own way and to allow you to understand how to be connected with yourself and the music.

Workshop level

The workshop are open level but we recommend some dance experience.

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Torsdag 3 November 16:30 Malmö Dansstationen Biljetter
Till Biljettförmedling Läs mer hos arrangören