POPPING – STOCKOS Malmö Dance Week


Måndag 31 Oktober

About Stockos

Stockos – from Martinique (fwi french west Indies) is a boogstyle dancer since 1999. Stockos has been working and teaching as a professional dancer since 2008. He has been sharing and studying the dance but also the dancer´s social experience and evolution all over the world.

He created  “the give back”- concept in 2015. “The give back” purpose is to guide dancers to find peace and unlock their potential without the countless hours of purposeless training.


“The give back”-experience´s 3 sections.

  1. Dance  & funk formula.
  2. Popping from the technik to the  style.
  3. routine application.

Workshop level

The workshop are open level but we recommend some dance experience.

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Måndag 31 Oktober 12:30 Malmö Dansstationen Biljetter
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