into Flesh – Khamlane Halsackda & Skye Reynolds


Onsdag 30 Augusti - Torsdag 31 Augusti

Fotograf: Aimé Dabbadie

Two friends finally meet in the flesh for a slippery-womb-howling-punk-prayer-dance. Invoking thier queer, femi-divine selves.

This project S/HE into Flesh began 3 years ago. Part 1: S/HE was an online show presented live on Zoom in June 2022. A meeting between two friends attempting to capture the intimacy of their human encounters through digital frames.

Now it’s time for Part 2: into Flesh. When the artists finally meet in person. Playful and vulnerable, these performances are physical spaces where they can reveal and transform, tapping into & enjoying each other’s live presence as they negotiate life’s ever-shifting terrain.

let’s meet in the flesh

for a slippery-womb-howling-punk-prayer-dance

riding the waves of a hot flush poem

empire is falling & we are the tumbling stones

skin to skin

invoking our queer, femi-divine selves

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Onsdag 30 Augusti 19:00 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
Torsdag 31 Augusti 19:00 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
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