Jumelles – Frédéric Gies & Anne Juren


Fredag 29 September - Lördag 30 September

In French, Jumelles means both “(female) twins” and “binoculars”. In Jumelles, Anne Juren and Frédéric Gies take on the task of portraying one another in the form of two twin dancing portraits: one danced by Anne Juren and choreographed by Frédéric Gies and the other danced by Frédéric and choreographed by Anne.

At the origin of this piece is the 18 years long story of artistic collaboration and friendship between the two artists. Their recurrent collaborations, their paths within dance, their common interests and their personal bond have taken the shape of a continuous process of twinning and mutualisation, which underlies Jumelles. Through the act of portraying one another, they put a magnifying glass on this process and on the historicity of their dancing bodies. In these interlinked portraits, the place of the portrayed and the portraitist are interwoven. It opens up a vast field of gazes in which the gaze is a dynamic entity involving the bodies of the dancers, of the portraitists and of the viewers.

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Fredag 29 September 19:00 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
Lördag 30 September 22:00 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
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