Maison Ouverte (Open House) – Dance is Ancient


Söndag 19 November

On November 18 and 19, Maison de la Danse’s doors are wide open!

During the two days of Maison Ouverte, not only we open our doors to you and invite you to dive into our work from different angles (watching us perform for you, dancing with us or watching us rehearse) but we also open our doors to other artists, whose work you will be able to witness as well. For the first edition of Maison Ouverte, we invite Malmö based Anna Söderberg, Elise Brewer, who is also part of Dance is ancient’s team and Anna Pehrson, who is currently in residence at MARC. On day 2, we will also have the pleasure to welcome Ulf Eriksson, in collaboration with Kontra Musik, who will DJ for our technosomatics session.

You are free to make your own programme, come whenever and come and go as you wish (please not that for the technosomatics session, doors will close after the start of the workshop). If you choose to stay for long: there will be some snacks!

11.00 · Open training with Dance is Ancient’s team: Frédéric Gies will give a dance class, open to all levels (even if you don’t have any dance practice, that is possible), which combines a technique class (with a couple of ballet elements) and a somatic approach of movement. It is all about developing bodily awareness, effortlessness and ease in movement, not about looking good in relation to an impossible ideal.

12.00 · Open rehearsals: Dance is ancient team invites you to witness their rehearsal process and dive into the meticulous work of preparing for showing a dance to a public.

13.00 · Techno lunch: Skip food, come to our dance floor and dance!

14.00 · Dance is ancient dances Dance is ancient’s dances #4: In Dance is ancient dances Dances is ancient dances, we compiled for you a programme of dances from our repertoire, which we will present in their original form or remix in unexpected way. It will be a different programme of dances each time we will do it during the weekend. Except voluptuous, bold and queer dances, to infectious techno beats! Dances choreographed by Frédéric Gies / Danced by Elise Brewer, Disa Krosness and Frédéric Gies / Music: Fiedel / Costumes: Grzegorz Matlag

15.00 · Technosomatics Live: Technosomatics is Frédéric Gies’ movement practice. It is toured internationally in festivals and dance theaters and shared with dance students and professionals around the world. Frédéric Gies and Elise Brewer will guide you through a 3-hour Technosomatics workshop, which will culminate with a one hour session with Ulf Eriksson DJing for us. This live session is organized in collaboration with Kontra-musik.

18.00 · After work: You are invited to mingle, meet and talk with us

Doors close at 19.00

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Söndag 19 November 11:00 Malmö Ungdomens hus Biljetter
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