Kjolen! – Creative Dialogs/Emma Ribbing


Fredag 9 Augusti - Onsdag 14 Augusti

Fotograf: Emma Ribbing

En performativ workshop för barn 2-5 år och vuxna med koreografen Emma Ribbing:

This is how I work with gender. The aim of Kjolen! is to allow teachers and children to enjoy the empowerment of taking place. With the help of a massive skirt we let children and pedagogues indulge in the aestethics and awake sensations from a big weighty skirt or the glamorous sensation of a tight one. 

Kjolkänslan- the skirtfeeling is a feeling that everyone should have the right to try. 

Me and the competent team at Kreativt Lärcentrum, in Malmö have made this sculptures landscape of hoola hoop rings as a sensorial place of encounter of an alternative architectual chrinoline. A great space for understanding freedom of expression at the age when it needs to be introduced. /Emma

Pris: Fri entré, som en del av Malmöfestivalen

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Fredag 9 Augusti 13:00 Malmö Barnlandet, Malmöfestivalen
Tisdag 13 Augusti 13:15 Malmö Barnlandet, Malmöfestivalen
Onsdag 14 Augusti 13:15 Malmö Barnlandet, Malmöfestivalen
Onsdag 14 Augusti 16:00 Malmö Barnlandet, Malmöfestivalen
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