ALMOST A JAM – Malmö Dance Week


Onsdag 2 November

We proudly present Almost a jam!

Some of Europe’s best freestyle dancers who are all unique in their style have been invited to participate in Almost a Jam. Led by the evening’s host Aaron Phiri and DJ Yaredo, they will be challenged in their improvisation and creativity.

The concept of the night is that the dancers will receive pre-written tasks/missions on stage, pulled out of a hat infront of the audience. They will not know in advance about their instruction or what music will be played. The missions can be solos, duets or even group based. Almost a Jam wants to celebrate improvisation and the free-style aspect of dancing since it can offer both the audience and the dancers such strong and long lasting memories. The performance wants to invite you into an adventure of the unplanned and unknown. A night full of talent, feeling, depth, humour and spontaneous magic.

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Onsdag 2 November 19:30 Malmö Palladium Biljetter
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