100% [Raw Edit-version] – Daniel Jeremiah Persson


Fredag 15 September - Måndag 18 September


Verket utforskar perspektiv på identitet och vem vi blir inför oss själva med samhället som spegel. Vad innebär det att vara sig själv till 100%, när omgivningen inte bekräftar den egna förståelsen för sitt varande?

100%” is a dance-documentary in two parts, presented as a short-film and a stage performance.

The theme revolves around grey zone identity, self-perception and Korean-Swedish adoptee-experience. The work is a contribution to the Scandinavian societal debate regarding transnational adoption presented in a choreographic format, voicing a different perspective and take on the subject matter.

The performance questions how we can regain control over our history-, gender- and cultural- identity through what we wish to project and to what lengths one go to reveal our inner desires – figuratively, symbolically and literally. “100%” is based on Daniel’s own experience as a South Korean adoptee brought up in Sweden and a western society, which explores what happens when society become one’s mirror and when we balance between fiction and reality.

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Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Fredag 15 September 20:00 Malmö Bastionen Biljetter
Lördag 16 September 14:00 Malmö Bastionen Biljetter
Lördag 16 September 19:30 Malmö Bastionen Biljetter
Måndag 18 September 19:30 Malmö Bastionen Biljetter
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