Nights don’t have names – Fanni Ijäs


Tisdag 31 Oktober

Fotograf: Caroline Suinner & Thomas Zamolo

The night, the silent oasis.
The bass and the dance; the sirens that beckon.
An irresistible inner revolt

‍Nights don’t have names is a tribute to the unconditional essence of the night. It is a bodily revolt to break free and a longing to let the body gass up, that to feel and to dance. An ongoing, multifaceted spectrum of experiences, associations and reflections occur. Nights don’t have names is a solo piece played in a stripped-down room. The room turns into a cross between a stage room and a dance floor shared by the audience with the dancer and the music.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Presented by IVER

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Tisdag 31 Oktober 17:30 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
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