#THREE (A dance after a dance after another dance – 2023) – Dance is Ancient


Lördag 16 December

#THREE is the last iteration of this fall performance series “A dance after a dance after another dance – 2023” and the grand finale of Maison de la danse Fall 2023. This evening programme will consists of two dance performances that have never been presented live yet: Manifesto 1, a brand new work, and Tilt to Turn, a work that has only been presented online so far.
After the show, the audience is invited to meet and talk with the artists over a buffet. For the ones who want to join the closing party of La Maison de la Danse – Fall 2023, we will offer a surprise practice in the shape of a somatic party warm up and mobile invisible inner rave, to bring us from Ungdomens hus to Brogatan’s dancefloor.

Tilt to Turn is danced and choreographed by Frédéric Gies, to a live set by Rivet. This performances was originally created for the camera and streamed online in 2021. It was the fruit of an invitation by the Intonal Festival. In 2021, the possibilities of meeting and playing live were uncertain. So Intonal Festival decided to do little guerrilla actions where they would crash various locations around Malmö, without notice or announcement, and just create what they loved. No crowd or anything, just them, the artists and their creativity. To fuel souls while we kept waiting for the world to open up for culture again. Tilt to Turn was filmed and shared online but had never been shared live… until now!
On a live DJ:set by Rivet, Frédéric Gies will dance for the first time Tilt to Turn live.

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Lördag 16 December 19:00 Malmö Ungdomens Hus Biljetter
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