WHAT’S UP SWEDEN 2023 – Malmö Dance Week


Måndag 30 Oktober

Three different performances – one night

Every year we probe the terrain for new interesting, innovative and unique ideas. 2023 open call resulted in three different residencies and performances by Johanna Fröjd och Ella Effendy, Iman Gele and Rebecca Livaniou

‍Iman Gele got a second chance after 6 months in coma and after recovering for almost 2 years the urban scene became her safe space. She now want to explore herself in different urban dance styles with the piece “IMAN le Walashé”

Johanna Fröjd and Ella Effendy
CONJOIN highlights humane needs and is a reminder of the primitive human power. The eagerness to create a supportive choir, a flock, where resting is the way forward. With vibration and rhythm, CONJOIN explores the rawness, when dance and music can change and transform a human being through the body.

‍Rebecca Livaniou and her female dancers asks questions about freedom. Do we ever experience it? What is our definition of it, and what do we need to reach it? Maybe you will find find out in the piece “Moments of freedom”

Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Måndag 30 Oktober 19:30 Malmö Inkonst Biljetter
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