Deflecting Misfortune And Averting The Evil Eye – Dance is Ancient


Lördag 4 Maj

Fotograf: Micaela Blomqvist

At the time we are releasing our spring programme, we do not know if Deflecting Misfortune and Averting the Evil Eye will be the premiere of a finished piece or a work in progress. In any case, we will make sure that the distinction between the two will be completely irrelevant, as for sure, it will be a full show ! The show will be followed by a discussion with the artist.
The title Deflecting Misfortune and Averting the Evil Eye refers to an action that ended up being a kind of personal signature in almost all my pieces since 2016 as well as in my clubbing life (when the context allows it): the so-called anasyrma, or the ritualistic action of exposing one’s genitals or buttocks, fulfilling a protective magic function. I didn’t know that exposing my buttocks publicly in the name of art in performances or in the name of comfort, defiance and body-positivity in specific club settings was actually relating to ancient traditions but I always sensed it’s magic power. That is why I integrated it in my performances in the first place.

In Deflecting Misfortune and Averting the Evil Eye, I will not only explore how I can translate the ritualistic practice of exposing one’s buttocks into dance but also how dance itself can perform the function of the anasyrma. Today, there are many evils I can imagine exposing my buttocks to, many evils I wish my dance could magically repel. At least, I hope that my dance will make us laugh out loud at all the evil on Earth.


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Lördag 4 Maj 19:00 Malmö Ungdomens Hus Biljetter
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