Maison Ouverte (Open House) : The Poor But Sexy Edition – Dance is Ancient


Lördag 20 April

Fotograf: Thomas Zamolo

Dance is Ancient invites you to a 7-hour programme of dance performances, dance practice and conversation ! Come for the whole day or make your own programme : come and go as you wish all day.
Using the famous quote “poor but sexy”, coined by Berlin’s former mayor Wowereit for defining the city at the beginning of the noughties is our humorous way to combat economic hardship. But not only.
Last fall, when we were temporarily “rich”, we treated you with our first edition of the format Maison Ouverte. We managed to present a generous programme involving 5 artists (4 dancers and choreographers and 1 DJ), which consisted of two full days of performances, experiments and artist talks by Dance is ancient and guests, as well as a Technosomatics session and dance classes. We don’t have the means to achieve that much this spring, but we decided to transform that constraint into a leverage for concocting an exciting programme at minimum costs, in which even brains can become the sexiest organs.
This spring, Maison Ouverte takes place over one day only, but what a day ! It will take place on two floors of the Ungdomens Hus, as we will start in Teater Barbro on the first floor and then move to our beloved Festsalen on the second floor. Check the detailed programme below. Soft drinks, nutritious and tasty snacks will be served.

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Datum & tider

Datum Tid Ort Plats Länk
Lördag 20 April 15:00 Malmö Ungdomens Hus, Teater Barbro & Festsalen Biljetter
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